to make time
real time-
photographic installation

“to make time” is part of a series of exercises that test my capability for creating order and finding harmony. These exercises, called “Flexible hours” deal with different forms of time-based balance, while exploring my mental and physical equilibrium.

The work deal with the passage of time, not just as a symbol or an idea, but as a subjective experience; I need to find time to make time. Making times takes time.

“to make time” is based on 12 physically and mentally challenging - one hour - performances which capture my struggle with time, while mechanically making it. The physical body - the right leg used as the minute arm, and the left leg as the hour arm of a clock - shows the passage of time, transforming every single minute into a new posture. 720 different positions are building up the 12 hour clock. To make the work I am literally racing against my own biological clock, as the performer needs to be relatively young to full fill the choreography.

“to make time” was made during - a self-founded - MA Residency and it is supported by the Mondriaan Fonds.

Watch to make time

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