Csilla Klenyánszki is a Hungarian artist, living in the Netherlands since 2008. Her work—be that photography, performance or organising—often relies on Social Reproduction Theory, motherhood, unwaged labour and care beyond the nuclear family.  
In 2017 Csilla founded the Mothers in Arts Residency, a studio space combined with a communal day care. The Residency is specialised in supporting women artists, who are also mothers. Mothers in Arts is free of charge; the artists agree to take turns to work and look after each other's children around an organised work schedule. 
Csilla graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2012. She was awarded with the Starter Grant in 2016. In 2018 she won the Prix de la nature morte at the 33rd Festival International de Mode & de Photographie. Her first self published book, titled Pillars of home, was nominated for the First PhotoBook Award by the Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards in 2019. 
Csilla has exhibited nationally and internationally, at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Arnhem Museum, Museum het Valkhof, Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center in Budapest, Gallery of Photography Ireland, Athens Photo Festival and so on. Among others, her work has been published in the New York Times, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, NRC, Volkskrant Magazine, Aperture Magazine and Liberation. In 2022 Csilla became a Board Member of Hotel Maria Kapel, an Artist-in-residence, Exhibition space in Hoorn, the Netherlands.
In 2021 Csilla received a MA Art Praxis degree from Dutch Art Institute. She is a Board Member of Hotel Maria Kapelan artist-in-residence, exhibition space and cinema for contemporary visual art in the city centre of Hoorn, The Netherlands.

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. Wo Meine Sonne Scheint, with Timo van Grinsven, Rotterdam, NL (g)

AMC Art Collection, Amsterdam, NL / Vontobel Art Collection, Zurich, CH /  Dok, Library of Delft, Delft, NL / Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre, Budapest, HU / Villa Noailles, Hyères, FR / Gallery of Photography Ireland, Dublin, IR /  Private Collections in The Netherlands, US, Germany, Hungary and France

ART FAIRS (represented by Trapez Gallery, Budapest, Hungary)
Paris Photo (2018, 2021) / NADA Online (2020) / NADA Miami (2018) / Vienna Contemporary (2014, 2016) / Art Rotterdam (2014, 2015) 

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The Delight and Absurdity of Domestic Photography, Aperture, Lou Stoppard, 2023 (US)
Werken als de baby slaapt, deze fotograaf zoekt naar balans, De Correspondent, Veerle Van Herk, 2023 (NL)
Az anyaság nem one-size-fits-all, Artmagazin, Sárai Vanda, 2022 (HU)
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. Artist Talk, Parenting and Art, Hungarian House of Photography, Mai Mano, Budapest, HU 2023
. Workshop, (In)Visible Labour, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, HU 2022
. Guest lecturer, Photography Department, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, HU, 2022
. External expert, final examination, BA Photography Department at MOME (Moholy-Nagy University
  of Art and Design), Budapest, HU, 2021
. Portfolio Review, Reviewer, KABK, The Hague, NL, 2021
. Artist talk, School of Visual Studies, University of Missouri, Mo, USA, 2021
. Artist talk, Syracuse University, New York, NY, USA, 2020
. External expert, final examination of the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, NL 2019
. Artist talk, BookClub, FOTODOK, Utrecht, NL 2019
. Artist talk & Book release, Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre, Budapest, HU, 2019
. Guest lecturer, Photography Department, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, USA, 2019
. Workshop, DIY Residency, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA, USA, 2019
. Artis talk, Interrelated Media Department, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, USA
. Artist talk, Capa Kikoto / Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre, Budapest, HU, 2018
. Artist talk, m/other Voices, Amsterdam, NL, 2017
. Artist talk, SeMa Nanji Residency, Seoul, KR, 2014

. Selection Committee, Open Call, Hotel Maria Kapel, Artist-in-residence, Hoorn, NL 2023
. Board Member, Hotel Maria Kapel, Artist-in-residence, Exhibition space, Hoorn, NL 2022 - 
. Secretary, DAI Council, Dutch Art Institute, ArtEZ, NL 2019-2021
. Member, Care Group, Dutch Art Institute, ArtEZ, NL 2019-2021
. Mothers in Arts Documentary Screening and Q&A, Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL, 2018
. Producer, Mother is Arts Documentary, NL, 2018
. Curator, Re:Production, Mothers in Arts Residency, Goleb, Amsterdam, NL 2017
. Selection Committee, Open Call, MA Residency, Amsterdam, NL 2017
. Founder, Mothers in Arts Residency, Goleb, Amsterdam, NL, 2016-2017

. 2022 - 2023 ARIM Artist Residency in Motherhood, Hoorn NL
. 2019 - 2021 MA DAI Art Praxis, Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem, NL
. 2017 Founder, Mothers in Arts Residency, Amsterdam, NL
. 2016 ARIM Artist Residency in Motherhood, Amsterdam, NL
. 2014 Artist in residence, SeMa Nanji Residency, Seoul, KR
. 2008 - 2012 BA Photography, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, NL
. 2005 - 2008 Dutch Language and Literature, Karoli Gaspar University, Budapest, HU 
. 2005 - 2008 Communication Science & Journalism, Karoli Gaspar University, Budapest, HU

. Nominee, Rosti Pál Award, Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, HU 2020
. Nominee, FOAM Paul Huf Award, Amsterdam, NL 2020
. Pillars of home, Shortlist, First PhotoBook Award, 2019 Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation
  PhotoBook Awards, Paris, FR 2019
. Pillars of home, Shortlist, Unseen Dummy Award 2018, Unseen, Amsterdam, NL 2018
. Winner, Prix de la nature morte - 33rd Festival International de Mode & de Photographie, Hyères, FR 2018
. Selected artist - Plat(t)form 2018, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Winterthur, CH 2018
. Starter Grant, Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam, NL 2016
. O&O Subsidy, Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL 2014